Mar 23

12 Books That Twisted Me

Asking me to pick a favorite book is akin to asking me to pick a favorite finger. “The bad news is we’re going to chop off nine of your fingers, but the good news is you get to choose which one you keep.” Actually, choosing a finger would be easier, wouldn’t it? I mean … …

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Dec 21

When Humans Die: Eleventy Interesting Facts About Death

One of the nifty things about being a writer, especially a writer of fiction, is that you can indulge nearly any curiosity in the name of research. Since I am a person of peculiarly practical bent, I view that as a plus. Of course, we all have the Google, and most of us probably have dark little secrets …

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Jul 08

Niceness Is Toxic

I have a theory. This will likely come as no surprise to those who know me, as the more accurate statement is “I have theories.” Being keenly aware of my human fallibility, I don’t pretend to know things that I don’t. Instead, I theorize. … But I digress. Like you do. Fine, like I do. My …

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