Monthly Archive: February 2013

Feb 20

In Which Distraction Prevails

I’ve lost a pound of ground beef. Oh no. Oh no. Who misplaces raw meat? Who does that? More to the point, WHERE IS IT?? Okay, don’t panic. DO NOT PANIC. Breathe. It is here somewhere. Oh, but maybe not. Did … did it perhaps roll (I had to buy it in a prepackaged roll—a …

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Feb 18

What Is Art?

What do I know from art? This morning I woke up thinking about the nature of art. What is art? Before I really get into it, though, I feel I should mention a few things. The first is that the ultimate product of my official art schooling was a particularly hideous black and gold vase …

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Feb 16

Public Libraries: A Vile Pox, Or Why Terry Deary Is Wrong

Terry Deary, you mindless twit. We are all subject to greed—it’s endemic to humanity—but it’s been quite a while since I’ve seen such a grasping, wrongheaded exhibition of it. The author of the Horrible Histories books for children has claimed, ridiculously, that public libraries are a vile pox on humanity¹, that they are killing bookstores, …

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