Monthly Archive: March 2013

Mar 06

In the Interest of Full Disclosure

As I thought about what to write this morning, it occurred to my that my last few posts have been quite serious in nature. While they, and all the posts on this blog, are genuine expressions of my thoughts, a person reading just the most recent posts might get the impression that I am a …

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Mar 04

On Turning 10: Childhood Philosophy

For Owen, and all the other 10-year-olds, past, present, and future. Yesterday the son of some friends of mine turned the big 1-0. To commemorate the occasion, his mom posted a link to the poem “On Turning 10” by Billy Collins. I’d never seen it before (my knowledge of poetry being both narrow and shallow …

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Mar 01

You Ain't No Nice Guy: My Old Friend Guilt

“You ain’t no nice guy.” That’s what a dine-and-dash one night stand tells Larry Underwood in the first part of The Stand by Stephen King. But she only has to say it once. For the remainder of the book, it’s the gift that keeps on giving, a little song that plays in his head every …

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