Monthly Archive: April 2013

Apr 29

Seven Ways to Sell Paper Books to the Ebook Crowd

A few weeks ago Neil Gaiman suggested quite directly to the publishing industry that wishing for a time machine to take them back to the era before ebooks was futile. That Amazon and Google are not the enemy. That big publishing is not the enemy. That the enemy is, in fact, “simply refusing to understand …

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Apr 25

The Bloody Benders: A True Tale Told

The tale I am about to tell you is completely true, to the best of my knowledge. I learned about it as a young child. Some of you probably know this story, some don’t. Here it is: the story of the Bloody Benders. In the early 1870s, a commonly used trail (part of a larger …

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Apr 22

Josie and Jack: It's Complicated

A week and a half ago, I reviewed Owen King’s Double Feature as a blog post. I did that mainly because I couldn’t get it out of my head, so writing a review seemed like the most reasonable thing to do. But then it occurred to me: hey! I am writing a book. And I …

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