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Apr 18

Superman: The Best Superhero of All Time

Never in my life, until now, have I been tempted to create a web page that played music on load. Don’t worry; I still haven’t done it. But I wanted to. Because in less than two months, Man of Steel opens in theaters. A new Superman movie, guys! I’m so excited!!! (You can tell, because …

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Apr 11

Owen King's Double Feature: A Review. With Feels.

Owen King’s Double Feature is not a fun book. Once I decided to read it, I stopped looking at reviews (a habit I thoroughly recommend; reading too many reviews of a thing you haven’t yet experienced will spoil enjoyment of a novel or movie like nothing else can), and so what little mention I did …

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Apr 08

9 Ways Ebooks Are Better Than Paper Books

I love books. Who doesn’t, right? Well, lots of people, but those people are silly. Books are the one physical thing I can’t seem to part with without regret and angst and psychological arm-wrenching. I’ve loved books since I understood what they were. Stephen King called them “a uniquely portable magic,” and that’s exactly right. …

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