Monthly Archive: May 2013

May 16

The House Next Door: And So It Begins

For the three years we’ve lived in this not-quite-complete subdivision, the corner lot next door has remained undeveloped. Housing bubble, of course, and then corner lots are a little more expensive because of size, plus you have to pay to have two lengths of sidewalk put in, not just one. And this particular lot, I …

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May 13

John Scalzi's Redshirts: A Love Story

If you are a bit of a Trekkie, you’ll know that in the original series, on away missions, crew members wearing red shirts often did not come back. Nearly three quarters of the deaths in the series happened to redshirts. I have a deep fondness—dare I call it love?—for all things Star Trek, so I …

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May 09

Don't Call Me a Geek

Please don’t call me a geek. I’m not one. And this isn’t pedantry; I’m not even going to talk about the whole sideshow-chicken-head-biter thing. I’m talking about how we generally define geeks in the now. Oh, I like computers and gadgets. Sci-fi, fantasy, speculative fiction. Makery. Ren faires. Steampunk. Board games. Video games. Ironic T-shirts. …

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