Monthly Archive: June 2013

Jun 24

Managing Twitter: Tools and More

Over the past few weeks, we’ve discussed Twitter basics, who to follow, and what and when to tweet, all from a writer/creative perspective. The posts have been to-the-point and high level, because, one, the details have been covered by people more Twitter-experty than myself, and two, my goal with this series was to provide a …

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Jun 20

What to Tweet: For Writers and Other Humans

My apologies, all, for the gap in blog posts. I was on vacation and had intended to post as usual, but APPARENTLY cabins in the mountains do not lend themselves to awesome cell or Internet access … and when you are on vacation with 31 other people (big family), writing does not want to happen. …

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Jun 06

Who to Follow on Twitter (for Writers and Not-Writers)

Last week, I explained the basics of setting up Twitter and understanding the general flow. Twitter isn’t much fun if you aren’t seeing activity on your feed. To see that activity, you have to follow people. Today, as promised, we will talk about a writer-centric approach (that can be tweaked for non-writers) to who to …

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