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Aug 26

Kelly Braffet's Save Yourself: It's Complicated

Kelly Braffet’s Save Yourself is angry, sad, and dark. It’s a story of flawed—broken, really—people doing things that, to an observer, would look pathetic, tragic, incomprehensible. But once you start reading, you won’t be on the outside anymore, and while the actions will remain pathetic and tragic, they will no longer seem incomprehensible. Save Yourself …

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Aug 23

Connecting the Dots: Antoinette Tuff and Amanda Palmer

Earlier this week, a woman named Antoinette Tuff managed to keep a 20-year-old man who walked into a Georgia school with an assault rifle and more than 500 rounds of ammunition from killing anyone, even himself. The school where she works had 870 students, pre-K through fifth grade. Because of her cool thinking and quick …

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Aug 15

The Loss of Our Janet

This morning, my husband lost an aunt, his two cousins lost a mother, four sweet kids lost a grandma, and my father-in-law and his three other siblings lost a sister. Yesterday there was an Aunt Janet in this world, and today there is not. The hole she left can’t be filled. The loss is incalculable. …

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