Monthly Archive: January 2016

Jan 31

Things in the Dark, Part 2

Intrepid Reader, this is a (somewhat imperfect) continuation of yesterday’s effort (now known as “Things in the Dark pt 1”), so if you haven’t yet read that, I would recommend doing so. Go ahead. I’ll wait. If you’ve already read that, and this, and want to keep reading, click here. About 15 minutes after I left Liv’s …

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Jan 30

Things in the Dark


“When you were my age, were you scared of the dark?” Liv asked. “I was,” I said. “Well, not the dark itself. Things in the dark. Things under the bed, in the closet, inside the shadows.” I didn’t worry that I would give Liv ideas, because she already had them. We talked about her fears often. I made …

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Jan 29

Shower Scene

seedling in hands

She decided, as she stood in front of the mirror after the shower, that she resembled nothing so much as an ancient fertility idol. Breasts too large to be fully covered by one hand, a comfortably round abdomen, hips and thighs of rich, rolling substance, like mounds of productive soil warmed by the noontime sun. She was no one’s mother, …

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