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If you have come here wondering about this blog, what the point of it is, and why you should read it, you have arrived at the appropriate destination! Read on, friend.

Cheeky Content

The tl;dr version: I’ll be posting bits of fiction and poetry every day. Read on for more explains.

For a while now, I’ve been at that stage of writing where you want to be a writer but don’t actually write much. Which is strange, because unlike (apparently) a lot of writers, I genuinely enjoy the writing part. I do have a tendency to avoid getting started (I think something better will come along, maybe?), but I do that with lots of things that I like: reading, watching movies, makery, cooking, cleaning—wait, no, cleaning I put off because ugh.

Annnyway, I stumbled upon a helpful post by writer Hugh Howey that inspired me to refocus this blog on the thing I believe I am: a writer of fiction. As a writer, I’ve got some things going for me, mainly years of practice of writing in every way one can … that isn’t actually crafting a story. That, plus an affinity for spelling, grammar, and the structure and flow of language, means that I’ve got a solid grasp of writing mechanics. I also have a voice. A few voices, I suppose, depending on what I’m doing. At least, the beginning(s) of voice(s). What I don’t have is a habit of churning out words that make up stories. I’m behind as far as actual story crafting goes.

That’s where the blog comes in. I’ve had it a while, but now I think it’s finally found its raison d’être. Here is where I will, every day, write something. Mostly fiction. Maybe a little poetry. Maybe a little nonfiction. But mostly bits and bobs of fiction. And who knows? Perhaps occasionally I’ll post a short story. It’s a little scary, this writing thing. Letting it all hang out. WHAT IF YOU ALL HATE ME? But as I told a very good friend, if I can learn to do this, to get past my fears that I really don’t have anything to say and that deep down I’m a fraud and a hack, or at least incapable of doing great stuff regularly, then I will have accomplished a great deal.

I hope you want to read what I want to write.

The Cheeky Promise

I, the Cheeky Ginger, do hereby promise the following:

  1. To try my best to do a new post once daily. Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night, etc., etc.
  2. To think about and respond to every single comment (that isn’t trying to sell me knock-off handbags).
  3. To always be genuine and provide the best content that I can.
  4. To make reading this blog as enjoyable as possible.
  5. To consume at least three cups of strong coffee every single morning, thus making all my other promises possible.

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