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Mar 03

Still Too Big: A Poem

What’s wrong, you asked. Nothing, I said, Which was true But not the whole truth Because the whole truth Was a bubble in my throat A stone in my stomach And it was too big for words Or I couldn’t get the words around it All except Nothing. That one I squeezed out With a …

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Dec 06

Probably You Don’t Want to Read This

This is a third-person description of me waking up this morning. Starting stories with the protagonist just waking up is frowned upon as both cliche and bad form (because who cares about someone just waking up, the thinking goes), and then of course the other bit of common wisdom I am flouting here is that …

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Mar 04

Review: Our Souls at Night

Our Souls at Night by Kent Haruf My rating: 4 of 5 stars Our Souls at Night is an exploration of what happens to us as we age, how we are expected to simply become a backdrop for the lives of other people and decently stop being real humans ourselves. At the same time, it …

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