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Nov 24

Private Writer, Writer for Money


If you’re a freelancer—a writer for money, content generator, blogger for hire—this one’s for you. The feels. I have them. Private Writer Site owners come in these places Site owners are all the same As long as they pay a deposit Then you don’t ask their names You don’t think of them as human You …

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Dec 21

When Humans Die: What Happens, Actually?

One of the nifty things about being a writer, especially a writer of fiction, is that you can indulge nearly any curiosity in the name of research. Since I am a person of peculiarly practical bent, I view that as a plus. Of course, we all have the Google, and most of us probably have dark little secrets …

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Aug 12

The English Teacher Who Red-Inked Me

I respect the hell out of teachers, and I’m not just saying that because I know a ton of ’em. Sure, they get a few months off every year (if they don’t have other jobs), but they make up for it the rest of the year. (I always wondered as a kid when teachers had …

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