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Just like the man said.

Nov 16

Refugees: I Choose Love

I posted this on Facebook a bit ago, but it’s important enough, I think, that I want it to have a wider audience than just my family and friends (as wonderful as they are). Because like many people in my life and around the world, I choose love. Thousands of refugees—fathers, mothers, children, grandparents—are right …

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Oct 25

When It’s Your Own Damn Fault: A Story of Impromptu Feet Sanding

A few days ago, a friend commented that it would be a relief to have a Facebook group wherein we could be relieved of the tedium of pretending that we all have perfect lives full of cuddly puppies and genius children and a flawless career trajectory broken up only by our three exotic vacations a …

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Jul 08

Niceness Is Toxic

I have a theory. This will likely come as no surprise to those who know me, as the more accurate statement is “I have theories.” Being keenly aware of my human fallibility, I don’t pretend to know things that I don’t. Instead, I theorize. … But I digress. Like you do. Fine, like I do. My …

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