May 30

How to Twitter: A Series for Writers

I’m no Twitter expert, but I am a writer (unpaid as of yet, but a writer nonetheless). Like most writers, I have a day job. Mine just happens to be testing software. One thing I have learned testing software is this: you’ll only be a “new user” of an application once, and that’s a valuable time to document what doesn’t work for new users, what’s hard to understand, what doesn’t make sense. After a while, when you’re using any system, you become almost immune to its difficulties, its awkwardness. (This is why people resist change even if they’re using something terrible.) As I said, I’m not a Twitter expert. In fact, I’m a fairly new Twitter … er. Which means that if you are too, or even if you’ve been using it a while, but it feels like an awkward fit, I am going to help you out. We will get through this together! Together we will learn how to Twitter.

You can see by the title of this post that I’ll be targeting this series at writers, but I’d like to say a few things about that.

  1. By my definition, anybody who produces any kind of writing that they would like people to read is a writer. This includes blogging, freelancing, writing books, writing comics, and any other writing you can think of.
  2. Most of this series will probably apply even if you’re not a writer.
  3. I don’t have a third, but if there’s one thing I can’t abide, it’s a list of two items.

Here are the main points I’ll be addressing over the next several Mondays and Thursdays, allowing for changes depending on the feedback I get.

  1. The basics. The language. What does “MT” mean? Why are there dots in front of some tweets? Who can I DM (and what does that mean anyway)? Who can see my tweets to another person?
  2. Who should I follow? How should I follow them? Should I use lists? Public or private?
  3. What am I supposed to tweet, anyway? What should I not tweet? (This one will be geared toward the writers. Prepare yourself; it won’t be pretty.)
  4. Twitter is insane! It’s chaos! LOOK HOW SHOUTY IT IS MAKING ME!!! How am I supposed to manage this?
  5. And more! Maybe.

Okay, guys, see you Monday morning, same bat time, same bat channel! I will probably say some things that go contrary to the way a lot of people use Twitter because, well, this is about what works for me and why. If I write something that rubs you the wrong way, feel free to let me know. I promise not to TP your house.

Read the next post in this series about the basics of Twitter here. No, really. Go read it.


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  1. shasta

    I don’t want to wait until Monday.

    Can you also tell me how to do lists from my phone, oh wise cheeky teacher?

    1. Evelyn Stice

      Ha! I totally can, actually.

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