Feb 27

Neil Gaiman and the Calendar of Tales (with Added Bonus)

Illustration for Neil Gaiman's Calendar of Tales July story.

Submission by Julie Dickinson for July’s Calendar of Tales story by Neil Gaiman for Blackberry.

Neil Gaiman is easily one of my favorite authors.  All his works are topnotch, whether it be novels, children’s books, graphic novels, blog ramblings, or (I assume) to-do/shopping lists. He is also a pitch-perfect (haha see what I did there) reader of his own work, so his audiobooks, a format I don’t often like, are excellent. Coraline is an exceptional example; I’m technically an adult and have happily listened to it three times. Now that I’ve said that, I’m sure you are all going to Amazon—in another browser tab, of course—to check out his catalog, a course of action I heartily recommend. But. If that’s all you do, you’ll be missing this: his recently done stories for Blackberry via the Calendar of Tales project.

Calendar of Tales is a series of 12 short tales, one for each month, written specifically for the project, inspired by comments from readers. They are available online, free for the reading. What makes the project so compelling, though, is that his writing is only a part of it. Blackberry has provided space for readers to submit illustrations and even video to accompany the tales.

And that’s where the added bonus comes in: the art above was created and submitted to accompany July’s story by my niece, the very talented Julie Dickinson. Julie blogs at blog.artofdis.com, and though she hasn’t got much out there yet—it’s a babyblog, just being set up—that means new readers can watch it grow. She’ll be showcasing her art there as well, and once that part of it goes live, I’ll post about it too. But I didn’t want to wait, because the Calendar of Tales project is happening now, and it’s really awesome. And I am totally in love with the art Julie has submitted for it.


  1. Shasta

    WHAT?!? That’s amazing! Congratulations!

    1. Evelyn Stice

      Ah, I need to tweak this post. 🙂 She did a submission (more than one, actually) but submissions are open into March.

      1. Shasta

        What do you need to tweak? Me no understand.

        I want to tattoo “They’re hiding behind the seconds” on my face now.

        I’m going to only try to read one per month but I’m sure I won’t be successful.

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