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Review: The Buried Giant

The Buried GiantThis review was posted earlier on Goodreads, but now you can do a cross-posty thing onto your own blog from Goodreads, so I thought why not?

The Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Some novels can be read with one foot in the book’s story and the other in our own story, so that it is possible to half-attend to both. Other novels envelop you in their own sealed atmosphere, worlds unto themselves, and they cannot be so casually taken up or dismissed. The Buried Giant is an example of the latter.

The story itself unfolds as unhurriedly as the journey described within, one undertaken mostly on foot by an elderly Briton couple, Axl and his “princess,” in a time of ogres and pixies, dragons and warrior knights. Unhurriedly, but with a sense of urgency and importance—there is nothing languid or leisurely about this journey.

This is a book of delicate mystery, the rich meaning of which exposes itself slowly as tissue layers of story yield to patient reading. Yet, for all that, never for one moment did I experience anything like a sensation of boredom or tedium, just a delicious immersion.

I know that some Ishiguro fans may not care for this book because it has elements of fantasy. I never will understand such an attitude, but I admit of its existence. To me, it seems almost unnecessary to say that generally, however decked out they may be in the trappings of speculative fiction, fantasy stories use those elements to explore our own existences. The Buried Giant is no different, and in fact is a graceful, thoughtful example of how well that can be done.

I loved this book.

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