Dec 30

A Year of Change

At the gym this morning, I tried to hit five miles in my 40 minutes on the elliptical. I didn’t quite make it, but by the end of this week, I know I will. Half a year ago, I was sedentary and about 40 pounds overweight. Now, a healthy BMI is well within my capabilties.
This time last year, I wasn’t writing at all. While I haven’t been producing much the past few months, by the end of 2014 I plan to have a healthy blog, a short story done and out in a collection, the first draft of a middle grades novel finished, and–a big one–an agent. A year ago, I was bobbing along on a raft that was starting to take on water at an alarming rate. Today, I’m captaining a sailboat; I can’t control the wind, but I’m adjusting my sails as I go.
Life (including therapy, friends, family, and everything else that makes up a good support system) has taught me a few things lately. One: all we really have is right now. We can’t control what the universe throws at us. I might not reach any of the goals I’ve set for myself, simply because obstacles arise that cause those particular goals to be rendered unrealistic or undesirable. If that happens, though, am I going to give up? No. NO, I SAY. I’ll simply … set new goals. (Unless I’m hit by a truck and turned into road pizza, in which case none of this will matter to me anymore anyway.)
The other thing life has taught me lately: change is inevitable. It can be growth, or it can be decline, but there is no such thing as stasis. We are not static beings, and we don’t live static lives. For me, from now on, when I feel “same old, same old,” I’ll know that what I really am experiencing is a decline, because change in the other direction is growth, and since I’m an adult, growth is most likely the result of intent.
I used to be afraid of change, but I welcome it now. It’s going to happen anyway, so we might as well point that sailboat in the direction we want it to go, right?
Here’s to 2014. May it be filled with hopes and dreams–or even better, plans and goals–and may our sails be filled with favorable winds.

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