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Apr 01

Could Hitler Have Funded His Art With Kickstarter?

A few nights ago on Twitter, the musician Amanda Palmer asked for a show of tweets: who would pitch in five dollars for a new Morrissey all-digital album on Kickstarter? (She was asking preparatory to writing him a letter to discuss the possibility.) Ah, such a massive flurry of tweets ensued that for a while, …

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Feb 27

Neil Gaiman and the Calendar of Tales (with Added Bonus)

Neil Gaiman is easily one of my favorite authors. ¬†All his works are topnotch, whether it be novels, children’s books, graphic novels, blog ramblings, or (I assume) to-do/shopping lists. He is also a pitch-perfect (haha see what I did there) reader of his own work, so his audiobooks, a format I don’t often like, are …

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Feb 18

What Is Art?

What do I know from art? This morning I woke up thinking about the nature of art. What is art? Before I really get into it, though, I feel I should mention a few things. The first is that the ultimate product of my official art schooling was a particularly hideous black and gold vase …

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