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Apr 04

Eating M&Ms: Like a Sir

Most of the time I can eat M&Ms like a normal person. You know, rip a corner off the package, shake out a few into my hand, toss them into my mouth, chew, swallow, lather, rinse, repeat. (Except for ripping the corner off the package; that only has to be done once.) Anyway, yeah, eating …

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Mar 14

A Year of Perfect Weather

I’m at that point of the year where I’m heartily sick of winter, yet dreading spring a tiny bit—because after spring comes summer, and summer is wretched. Humid. Sweltering. Satan in weather form. Sigh. I can’t be the only one who’s tired of this torture, right? So let’s fix this. I have the beginnings of a …

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Feb 20

In Which Distraction Prevails

I’ve lost a pound of ground beef. Oh no. Oh no. Who misplaces raw meat? Who does that? More to the point, WHERE IS IT?? Okay, don’t panic. DO NOT PANIC. Breathe. It is here somewhere. Oh, but maybe not. Did … did it perhaps roll (I had to buy it in a prepackaged roll—a …

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