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Aug 26

Kelly Braffet's Save Yourself: It's Complicated

Kelly Braffet’s Save Yourself is angry, sad, and dark. It’s a story of flawed—broken, really—people doing things that, to an observer, would look pathetic, tragic, incomprehensible. But once you start reading, you won’t be on the outside anymore, and while the actions will remain pathetic and tragic, they will no longer seem incomprehensible. Save Yourself …

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Aug 12

The English Teacher Who Red-Inked Me

I respect the hell out of teachers, and I’m not just saying that because I know a ton of ’em. Sure, they get a few months off every year (if they don’t have other jobs), but they make up for it the rest of the year. (I always wondered as a kid when teachers had …

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Apr 22

Josie and Jack: It's Complicated

A week and a half ago, I reviewed Owen King’s Double Feature as a blog post. I did that mainly because I couldn’t get it out of my head, so writing a review seemed like the most reasonable thing to do. But then it occurred to me: hey! I am writing a book. And I …

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