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Jul 12

In Which I Recommend The Ocean at the End of the Lane

Neil Gaiman’s The Ocean at the End of the Lane is terrifying and comforting, grounded and fanciful, delicate and powerful. But most of all, it is a true representation of childhood—or rather, of revisiting childhood as an adult. It is, in other words, a Gaiman sort of book, and if that’s enough for you to …

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Apr 29

Seven Ways to Sell Paper Books to the Ebook Crowd

A few weeks ago Neil Gaiman suggested quite directly to the publishing industry that wishing for a time machine to take them back to the era before ebooks was futile. That Amazon and Google are not the enemy. That big publishing is not the enemy. That the enemy is, in fact, “simply refusing to understand …

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Feb 27

Neil Gaiman and the Calendar of Tales (with Added Bonus)

Neil Gaiman is easily one of my favorite authors.  All his works are topnotch, whether it be novels, children’s books, graphic novels, blog ramblings, or (I assume) to-do/shopping lists. He is also a pitch-perfect (haha see what I did there) reader of his own work, so his audiobooks, a format I don’t often like, are …

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