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Jul 01

Books of Childhood: Frog and Toad and All the Others

Magic happened this weekend. I was at Barnes & Noble, where I had originally intended to buy a comic book for my 14-year-old nephew who is recovering from surgery. Since I came in for just the one thing, of course, I found myself walking around toting an armful of books that I had to set …

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May 27

Dreams and Shadows: It's Complicated

I gave C. Robert Cargill’s debut novel Dreams and Shadows three stars on Goodreads. According to the tooltip that appears when you hover your cursor over that middle star, that means I “liked it.” (Two stars means “it was ok,” and four means “really liked it”). In balance, taking into account its strengths and weaknesses, …

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May 13

John Scalzi's Redshirts: A Love Story

If you are a bit of a Trekkie, you’ll know that in the original series, on away missions, crew members wearing red shirts often did not come back. Nearly three quarters of the deaths in the series happened to redshirts. I have a deep fondness—dare I call it love?—for all things Star Trek, so I …

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