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Jul 05

Stephen King's Joyland: Not the Usual

Might as well establish this up front: I’m a Stephen King fan. (Some people aren’t, but hey, there’s no accounting for taste.) I am not, however, a horror fan. Not really. So when I read his work that can be classified as horror—which, by the way, is only a portion of it, despite where it’s …

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Jun 06

Who to Follow on Twitter (for Writers and Not-Writers)

Last week, I explained the basics of setting up Twitter and understanding the general flow. Twitter isn’t much fun if you aren’t seeing activity on your feed. To see that activity, you have to follow people. Today, as promised, we will talk about a writer-centric approach (that can be tweaked for non-writers) to who to …

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Apr 22

Josie and Jack: It's Complicated

A week and a half ago, I reviewed Owen King’s Double Feature as a blog post. I did that mainly because I couldn’t get it out of my head, so writing a review seemed like the most reasonable thing to do. But then it occurred to me: hey! I am writing a book. And I …

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