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Jul 01

Books of Childhood: Frog and Toad and All the Others

Magic happened this weekend. I was at Barnes & Noble, where I had originally intended to buy a comic book for my 14-year-old nephew who is recovering from surgery. Since I came in for just the one thing, of course, I found myself walking around toting an armful of books that I had to set …

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Jun 24

Managing Twitter: Tools and More

Over the past few weeks, we’ve discussed Twitter basics, who to follow, and what and when to tweet, all from a writer/creative perspective. The posts have been to-the-point and high level, because, one, the details have been covered by people more Twitter-experty than myself, and two, my goal with this series was to provide a …

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Jun 20

What to Tweet: For Writers and Other Humans

My apologies, all, for the gap in blog posts. I was on vacation and had intended to post as usual, but APPARENTLY cabins in the mountains do not lend themselves to awesome cell or Internet access … and when you are on vacation with 31 other people (big family), writing does not want to happen. …

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